What We Do: Building the Bridge

By Christine Bonner & Jennifer DiCarlo

Despite the challenges we face at El Camino Real High School, students and staff are determined to rise above our limitations. One of the basic tenets of our school is to continue to strive, and to never give up, no matter what challenges arise. As a result of this spirit of determination, El Camino has been designated a Model Continuation High School three times, and has been awarded a six-year W.A.S.C. accreditation numerous times.

Our small size allows for individualized attention, and fosters a nurturing and supportive environment. In addition, all instructors are teaching in their credentialed areas, and are implementing the Common Core strategies in their instruction. Smaller class sizes and scheduling flexibility encourage students to work more productively.

Students transfer to E.C.R.H.S. for credit recovery, but are all facing unique challenges. On a daily basis, students are held to the same rigorous standards as students in the other high schools. All classes have direct instruction, and student work is completed in class, rather than assigned as homework. We have traditionally placed a heavy emphasis on helping at-risk students develop positive attitudes and effective skills to make them career and college ready. Hence, we continue to build the bridge between failure and success.