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Community Service Form


Students are responsible for finding the location of his/her community service.  Community service may be done for any non-profit agency, organization, or group.  See examples listed below:




Community Centers

Youth Sports

Red Cross

American Cancer Society

Diabetes Association

Food Banks

Homeless Shelters


Beach/Park Graffiti clean up

Office work for Non-Profit Organization

Senior Center

Good Will/Thrift Stores/Salvation Army


Boys and Girls Club


Make Community Service work for you!  How?

  • Do something you are interested in or want to learn about
  • Explore possible career opportunities: hospitals, environment, illness groups (Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS)
  • Show up on time and when you say that you will be there
  • Follow instructions and do your best

Volunteer work can result in a good letter of recommendation or even a paying job!


The Community Service form is located here for you to download and print.  it is important to complete all information with regard to who the agency is once you have decided who you are going to volunteer for.  You may work for more than one site or agency.  Use a separate form for each agency.  Complete contact information is required from both groups or agencies.